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Seven out of 25 pairs of shoes are defective

Seven out of 25 pairs of shoes are defectiveSeven out of 25 pairs of shoes are defective. What is the probability you will randomly select a defective pair of shoes?

A study showed that 65% of households in the country have internet access. Of those 65%, 42% have wireless access inside the home so the internet connection can be
shared. Find the probability that a household has wireless access inside the home.

The probability that a person has blue eyes is 16%. Three unrelated people are selected at random.

a. Find the probability that all three have blue eyes

b. Find the probability that none of the three have blue eyes

c. Find the probability that one of the three has blue eyes

1. A field goal kicker in the NFL has a 36% success rate kicking a field goal from longer than 50 yards. That is the probability that the first field goal made from
longer than 50 yards is the first attempt? Is this an unusual event? Explain.

2. The average distance geese fly south in the winter is approximately 380 miles with a standard deviation of 60 miles. Assuming that the distances are normally
distributed, find the probability that a randomly selected goose migrates a distance of:

a. Less than 300 miles

b. Between 320 a 440 miles

c. Greater than 460 miles

3. There are five roommates sharing an apartment. The number of times that each person washes the dishes per month is 3, 11, 10, 4, and 1. Use this given population to
find the mean and standard deviation of the population and the mean and standard deviation of the sampling distribution. Draw three roommates’ names from this
population, with replacement.

The average square footage in an apartment in a town is 1,800 square feet with a standard deviation of 120 square feet. The square footage is normally distributed. You
randomly select 10 apartments in the town. What is the probability that the mean will be more than 1900 square feet

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