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Service evaluation and service redesign focusing on a health care service

Service evaluation and service redesign focusing on a health care service

When you submit your work for marking there are some important things you need to know. It is your responsibility to:
• Use the correct naming convention for your files – student number/module/year
• Submit your completed assignment to the correct, FINAL submissions folder when it is ready for marking. Work submitted mistakenly to the DRAFT folder at this stage will not be marked.
• When you submit work for marking, you are accepting the submission declaration.
• Keep copies of email receipts from Turnitin as proof of submission.
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Assessed intended learning outcomes: On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:
Knowledge and Understanding

1. Critically analyse evolving roles and work practices from an inter-professional perspective.
2. Evaluate the impact of health and social policy on the reconfiguration of service delivery for users of services and their carers.
3. Identify and review leadership and enterprise principles within the context of multidisciplinary service design and delivery.
4. Apply HCPC standards and RCOT guidelines to complex practice examples.
5. Apply a systematic approach to locating and evaluating information on a given topic.
6. Construct a reference list and reference a range of information sources in an appropriate and correct manner
Transferable/Key Skills and other Attributes.
1. Communication –Demonstrate capability in verbal, written and electronic communication skills to facilitate service user engagement, team working, dissemination and sharing of information and reporting.
2. Management of own learning – Demonstrate self-management through a strategy of lifelong learning, engagement in personal and professional development, portfolio building, management of group tasks and self-directed study via an enquiry based learning approach.
3. Information Technology: Apply IT with regard to presentation and analysis of information including use of electronic and specialist databases, electronic resources, online classrooms and the virtual learning environment.
4. Numeracy skills: Demonstrate understanding and interpreting numerical data found in research particularly associated with the chosen area of work
5. Problem Solving: Demonstrate use of a problem-solving approach by gathering, interpreting and evaluating data, utilising reflection and critical thinking in problem identification, framing and solution finding. This process is supported by the enquiry based approach to teaching and learning. Students will also be required to utilise this skill in their own CPD.

Weighting within module: This assessment is worth 50% of the overall module mark.
This is a “Type A” assessment and so you MUST achieve an overall pass mark of 40% when combined with the profession specific assignment (Also worth 50% of the overall module mark).
Task details and instructions: You should…
Demonstrate an understanding and application of service evaluation and service redesign focusing on a health care service you have experienced as part of your undergraduate learning experience. This could be from a practice placement or a place of work and should reflect your understanding of your professional role within the multidisciplinary team.
Briefly identify your chosen service (or component), giving details about the context in which it functions and the processes/clients it serves. Remember the person reading this has no knowledge of the service so you must convey sufficient detail, you might find using tables, diagrams and flowcharts help you with this and can be detailed and referred to the Appendix to help with the limited word count.
Service Evaluation
Choose at least 1 tool to evaluate the service and justify why you have chosen it. Remember it does not have to be the examples of the SWOT and problem analysis that were used in the workshop. The LaSU reading list for the module provides management texts that might help you explore options, but it is important that you make and justify your choice(s). Your completed evaluation(s) should be included as appendices but key parts from your evaluation MUST be highlighted to identify the particular weakness or issue you are trying to overcome.
Bring out and discuss any key points from your evaluation but most importantly identify the 1 issue/problem you are going to appraise. Link your chosen issue/problem to national guidelines/framework/ evidence as appropriate.
Option Appraisal
Use the following option appraisal template to evaluate the existing scenario in the service compared with two more options you have chosen that will improve the service delivery focusing on the weakness identified in the service evaluation (SWOT / PEST etc). You should keep the text brief and to the point, bullet points are acceptable and you should include supporting reference material (Further guidance is available through the Assessment workshops delivered within the module).

Table bloated

Provide data to support option and ‘best practice’ evidence if applicable.
Impact of service change on patient experience
Resources including costs
Changes in resources/costs/staffing
Type of costs affected e.g. staffing, non pay (e.g. consumables), buildings etc. Are they one off resource implications or recurring?
How will the service change be delivered and is it sustainable?
Risks – identify potential risks of the option
Identify how you might minimise any of the risks

How will you evaluate the changes you make?
Use of specific outcome measures

Make it clear why you have chosen 1 particular option, or a combination, by considering your 3 options against the following:
• Improved patient care
• Improved access to service
• Cost effectiveness
• Improved staff support/ care
Refer to relevant guidelines/ policies/ frameworks if appropriate to help support your choice.

About the way you write it
• Your statements should be linked with theory and therefore fact-based with supporting references (this is a factual, concise report as opposed to a ‘story-telling/ descriptive style)
• It is expected that the report will be fully referenced, using supporting literature from books, journals and reliable internet sources. Please use Harvard referencing as per University guidelines which can be found:
• You should give priority to sources which have been published in peer-reviewed journals.
• You are advised to search British and relevant international literature, NHS and government directives and reports. (See additional resources available through the Into Employment folder on Blackboard).
• Proof read before you submit your work
• Please use 12pt font with double spacing of your work
• Please save and upload your file as: (insert: student number) Into Employment redesign report