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You will write a summary reflection of your chosen reading topic ( posted on Moodle). This summary will highlight key points to your interest. In addition, you must give example(s) of how your findings from the readings can apply or relate to your current / local environment and culture. (art scene, projects you do at UNI, observation, trends, etc.) Expand on your overall opinion on the selected reading and include images/ visuals of your current/ local examples in the paper. The paper submission must include: 2-3 pages typed {10 / 12 pt.} Include sample images / Example of current space and culture, and include sources. Cite your sources Write in your own words, and visit the writing center twice.

Include the writing center sign in sheet with the paper. (Please make sure that sources are going to be accessiable like using search engines from google.)

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Guidelines for Writing Lab Reports

Title Page:

The title of the laboratory experiment is followed by a sub-title which states the object of the investigation. Other information required on the title page includes:

• Student Name and Number,
• Class and Laboratory Group,
• Date of Experiment, and
• Lecturer.

This should be a brief statement (approximately 100 words) on a separate sheet. It should describe the contents and main conclusions of the report and should be written with a view to communicating with a reader who has no previous specialised knowledge of the subject.


Here it is more important to state clearly the assumptions upon which any theory is derived rather than to give a book-work proof. All symbols should be clearly defined at this stage.

Description of Apparatus / Equipment

This should be clear and concise. The use of labelled line diagrams and sketches on which items of equipment are identified will reduce the amount of description considerably. Photographs will often be helpful.
Experimental procedure: A brief yet adequate account of the experimental method is required.


This section should be subdivided in general into three sections:
(a) ‘observations’: a table of the values observed for the laboratory test(s);
(b) ‘Specimen calculation’: one set of calculations involving all the variables (including units) concerned is adequate;
(c) ‘Results’: the end-product of all such calculations should be given numerically and graphically (if possible).

Discussion of results

This should contain the student’s own views on what deductions may be drawn from the results. It should include explanations of doubtful results and recommendations for any future improvements in the apparatus/equipment or experimental procedure.

Conclusions and recommendations:

This section is a very important part of the report and should receive the appropriate amount of thought and effort. It must be a concise statement; however, irrelevant material should be omitted. Note: this section should not include ‘Discussion of results’.


• Reference to books, articles, scientific papers and journals;
• Derivation of unusual formulae not found in textbooks; and
• Any other information which cannot be conveniently placed under the previous headings should be given in the appendix.

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