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Security breach or issue

Post a description and a link to the story for any newly discovered security breach or issue, or new findings in prior issues. Breach must have occurred (or was first revealed) in 2018 – 2021, and must involve IoT devices. Your post must include the following content:

Subject line must include name of the organization that suffered the breach.
Describe the type of IoT device that was involved in the breach.
Describe the attack vector (e.g., phishing, hacking, lost equipment, social engineering, etc.).
Describe how the attack was carried out (methods employed).
Describe the impact of the breach or attack.
Indicate well how the organization responded and handled the breach.
You may not post on a breach that as already been posted by someone else.

Your post should be well-organized, should address all requirements, and should use correct grammar. Please review the grading rubric before submitting your entry.

Already used as of 10/28:
Peloton vulnerability allowed millions of users’ information to be accessed.
T-Mobile suffered a massive data breach that put upwards of 54 million customer’s information at risk.
Boom! Mobile Magecart card-skimming attack.
Security vulnerabilities with KeyWe’s smart lock allowed access to potential attackers.
Philips Hue Smart Light Hack Uses Old Chian Reaction Vulnerability.
Nortek Security & Control Security has left the smarter building.
Colonial Pipeline Faces Major Data Breach.
Carnival Cruise data breach leaks personal information of customers and employees.
SmartMate, an Orvibo platform, was not password protected.
Google’s Nest Security Cameras Breached By Hackers.