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SEC Database Hack

Use this link:

To write about the hackers that broke into an SEC Database and made millions of dollar from the information inside.

12-point font, Times New Roman. APA format. Do not double space between paragraphs. Please include reference page with 4 references.

I have attached the requirements that’s are needed to cover in paper.

At a minimum, make sure ALL the following are addressed:
• Explain the technology in detail. (20 points) o Include how it works
o What are the required components/factors to make it work
• Explain why the technology is useful and who it would/could/did benefit. If you don’t
think it’s useful, explain in detail why you don’t think it is useful. (10 points)
• Explain what the problem or problems are that are covered in the article. Is it a security
flaw, bug, weakness, vulnerability, human error, etc. (10 points)?
• A brief history of the issue, to include its intended targets and its residual victims. Discuss
both anyone that has been or may be affected in the future. (10 points)
• Explain how the information obtained could be used for malicious intent.(10 points)
• How long the security issue or issues that were exploited have been in existence. When
was it discovered and by who? Is there a fix for it? (5 points)
• Explain what, if any, precautions could have been taken to prevent the compromise. If the
security issue has not been exploited yet, describe how its exploitation can be prevented
from happening. (10 points)