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sciences and biology

you have to choose from Newyourk time article that is about sciences and biology because its a biology class and summarize it, only 1 page
here is the instruction from professor :
Select a “lengthy” article (more than two paragraphs) that summarizes or discusses one or more science projects. Summarize your article (who, what, when, where and how) in one paragraph (2 pts) and then answer the following questions:

In one sentence, what is the main point of the article? (1 pt)
What counter-arguments or counter-points does the author make? (1 pt)
How does this article relate to anything we have or will discuss in class? How does this article relate to something related to your major, possible career and/or life? Note, your article may not relate to the class, but it should at least relate to your major, career and/or life. (2 pts)
Explain if these studies were observational, experimental, technological or some combination of the three. If applicable, identify the independent and (at least one) dependent variables. What possible confounding variables are present in the study? How do the authors “control” for these? (2 pts)
What questions does the article leave unanswered? (1 pt)
What did you learn from this article? (1 pt)

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