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Scholarly Review of a Health Care Policy Issue: Electronic Medical Record and patient safety

The EMR had its first iteration under George W Bush but he did not put “teeth” on it. It was mandated. Then under the ACA it was mandated and health care agencies would be penalized. So that is your policy connection. What you need to look at in the evidence section is the articles that show the benefits of instituting it….especially patient safety. You may find negative articles and you can include them also.

For this course, a scholarly review of a health care policy issue/topic is the major assignment for this course. It involves gathering and synthesizing information and evidence into a summary of the issue/topic and a well-developed conclusion.
General Information:
o The idea of a scholarly review is to summarize and synthesize the information you have read. As you write the paper, think of your audience as a health care policy decision maker (e.g., healthcare organization CEO, CNO, or board member; a legislator; or a professional nursing organization).
o The final paper will be 5-7 pages in length, not including the title, abstract, and reference pages. Each draft will include a Title page and Reference page.
o Information from websites, scholarly papers, research studies, reviews or data bases must be current—with in the past 5 years.
o References (this involves a library database search) used should include a minimum offive scholarly sources (journals or scholarly websites) and information from professional or state/national organizations’ websites.
o Because this is a synthesis of the evidence, there should be a minimal number of quotations. However, you must use the correct APA citation when discussing someone else’s ideas or work.
o Avoid personal bias and use of strong language, unless it appears in the literature you reviewed. If you are describing someone’s bias, you may want to quote it to indicate it is not your opinion.
• Turnitin: The draft papers and final paper are submitted to Turnitin (in Blackboard) under the Turnitin icon in the designated week.
Turnitin is a software program that identifies similarities between your paper, other student papers, and resources such as articles and internet sites. The advantage is that you may turn in your paper into Turnitin multiple times until the due date. This allows you to evaluate the similarity scores and edit your paper to avoid plagiarizing

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