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SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics and Mapping
Assignment Overview
This is a two-part assignment. First, you will complete an exercise including several basic tasks of data exploration within the SAS VA environment, designed
to demonstrate your knowledge of how data visualization in SAS VA works. Then, you will generate a map in SAS VA using the same dataset.
Assignment Directions
To complete this assignment:
Access the “Assignment 1: Intro to SAS Visual Analytics” exercise you downloaded in this unit’s second study. (Link to this exercise is given in the resources.)
Access the SAS VA software, and follow the steps to complete the exercise. Then, export your work in PDF format as described in the exercise, and continue.
If you need help accessing the software, refer to the directions provided in this unit’s second study. For additional task guidance, review the media piece SAS
Visual Analytics: Creating a Geographic Map given in the resources.
Open the Visual Analytics and Mapping: Mapping Exercise document (link given in the resources).