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Sales growth in ABC company

ABC company has hired you as the human resource manager. Though the company has experienced sales growth in each of the last four years. A hiring freeze has been in place. That freeze has been lifted and it’s clear that some departments are understaffed. In one paragraph describe the plan and activities you will use to determine the personal needs of abc. For each of the scenarios below in three to four sentences describing a theory and which strategies and techniques you would use. 1. A manager approaching retirement is very set in his ways. A very talented and knowledgeable individual this person tends to be tough on his employees this results in a department with low morale. 2. A 5 year employee has performed very well, although management is concerned she is losing interest in her job. 3. A sale team is beginning to show a lack of intensity and this reflected in their performance, while there hasn’t been a dramatic drop in sales the rate of growth has significantly slowed customer complaints are increasing.

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