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Said’s theory of Orientalism

Briefly explain Said’s theory of Orientalism, in your own words. Then, discuss Orientalism as it relates to Moors in Renaissance England. In other words, who were the Moors and how were they Orientalized, or seen as inferior? What stereotypes of Moors circulated in plays and travel writings? (3 paragraphs) Use the handout “Blackness in the Renaissance” and/or other readings from the Norton Critical Edition for this response.
Is Othello an Orientalist text? That is, does it challenge or reproduce Orientalist discourses of Moors during Renaissance England– or both? Use at least three pieces of evidence from the play to support your argument, focusing on how the character of Othello is represented in the first and second half of the play. Is he a stereotypical Moor, or does he exceed these stereotypes? Feel free to integrate quotes into your analysis, but do not use block quotes.