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Sa spiral Galaxy

Sa spiral Galaxy
it’s a report paper ( Sa Spiral Galaxy )
Imagine you are a professional astronomer. A new celestial object has been discovered, and you and your research team have been asked to explore and provide as much information as possible about this object. An explanation of the physical nature of the object, and its past and future history. Is it a star? A nebula? A galaxy? What was its origin? What will or may be its fate?
An explanation of the unknowns and issues related to astronomer’s present knowledge of this object.
important :
Astronomy class
I want you to write about” Sa special galaxy .’’
-Explain and add the pictures on the paper .
– please focus on the link that i put it . and read carefully the instruction paper .
How all the pictures are related together , about the galaxies and stars , and how the dust and gas related to all galaxies . Which include the pictures on the link . (and what did we learn from it )
you must mention about the electromagnetic radiation , with the name and description of where the images came from .
using the naked eye or the telescope . And explain what did we learn from the topic?

information :

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