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“Russian Dance” from Játákok III by György Kurtág (1973)

Make a creative transcription of ONE of the following piano pieces for a mixed ensemble of 6-8 instruments.
Both scores are attached:
1. Constellations I by Diana Burrell (1996)
2. “Russian Dance” from Játákok III by György Kurtág (1973)
Non-functional triadic harmony (Length unspecified)
Compose a harmonic progression of 10-12 chords that only uses major, minor, diminished and augmented
triads but in a non-functional or hierarchic way. You should use inversions and octave displacements freely and
think carefully about voice-leading and spacing.
– Score your progression for a keyboard instrument of your choice.
Brief: Electronically notated, both composed as full works (with dynamics tempo markings and such)