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Russian Culture/Cultural Assessment Paper

Russian Culture/Cultural Assessment Paper

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APA style essay problem statement when I have to answer ALL the questions Im going to provide you with attached files, The topic is Russian culture. I need the language to be the most simple English like high school language

Cultural Assessment Assignment/Problem Statement

For the Cultural Assessment paper, please use your assigned culture and address the four Student Learning Outcomes.

Students Learning Outcomes

1) Analyze select global culture, and it’s influence on healthcare practice
2) Examine challenges in healthcare access for your chosen culture
3) Identify challenges associated with diversity in healthcare
4) Describe barriers to healthcare access and quality care

In addition, provide a summary of your elected culture by 1) incorporating if the culture chosen is from a collectivistic or individualistic origin, 2) communication and language 3) the socio-economic demographic, 4) how teaching intervention should be approach with this culture, 5) if the use of non-traditional healing approaches is common in this culture, 6) the dietary preferences healthcare providers should be aware/common food and ritual, 7) which cultural sensitive attention should be incorporated in caring for a patient of such culture, 8) high risk behavior, 9) disease and health condition.

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