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Royal Frankish Annals

Consider the following questions: • What is the relationship between the Franks and the Eastern Empire? • How does that relationship change over time? Issues/concerns are central to Franco-Byzantine interaction? • What can this narrative tell us about cross-cultural contact and ideas of Empire and authority in the Early Middle Ages?
So you don’t need to read all the articles, just find the part about Franks and the Byzantine Greeks from the directory.
In addition, 1. a clear broad narrative of your particular topic. You need not provide every single detail/year, but you should hit on the key events/elements of this narrative and should provide relevant evidence/quotations.
2) An analysis of the narrative and what it tells us about Early Medieval History broadly and the Franks more specifically. Consult the questions asked for your topic as a guide to some potential things to think about / discuss (though you need not answer all of These and can take your own approaches as well).

3) An analysis of the Royal Frankish Annals as a historical source. Use Rosenwein’s critical analysis handout as a guide though you need not be as exhaustive as the standard document analysis. Consider especially the following questions. How did the nature/genre of the text Help or hinder analysis What might the biases/issues with the RFA be, as a historian What is this source good for?

4) A reflection on your experience as a historian working with a complete primary source.

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