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Rotterdam office of LSM as a Ship Superintendent

You are working for the Rotterdam office of LSM as a Ship Superintendent, and this week you have been under a little pressure because besides looking after the four LR2 tankers, you have been looking after a 4800 TEU container vessel too as a back-up for one of your colleagues who is on vacation.
It’s about noon time and you are getting ready for lunch when you get an urgent call from the master of one of the four LR2 tankers that you are managing. According to the call, there has been an oil spill overboard due to the sudden fracture of one of the pipes on deck while loading crude oil.
Write a detailed report to the senior management of LSM Rotterdam on your action on hearing this, whom you contacted, how you sorted out this problem and how you will ensure that it is avoided in the future etc. (you may assume any port of loading that you are familiar with)