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Role of a Vice President of Nursing Services

Role of a Vice President of Nursing Services

Discussion Question
1) What are the facts in this case?
a. I am the vice president of Vice President of Nursing Services in a nondenominational community hospital.
b. I am responding to a complaint from a Wiccan patient.
c. Primary Care nurse, Penny Baker, was discussing the patients’ Wiccan practices.
d. Ruth Goose walks in on the conversation and says, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch amongst you.”
e. The patient feels discriminated against.
f. Penny and Ruth agree that they had the right to discriminate against the Wiccan patient because she is a witch and she can possibly do human sacrifices, etc.
2) The nature of the organizational behavior is that medical workers should not get in their patients’ personal business. Medical workers are expected to treat their patients and make sure that their health is being taken care of. If a patient tells their religious beliefs, that does not give a medical worker the right to discriminate against that patient.
3) The three factors contributing to this dilemma:
a. The medical workers are discriminating against the patient because she is a Wiccan.
b. The patient feels that she had a poor stay at the hospital because of her religious beliefs.
c. The two nurses do not see anything wrong with dismissing the patient’s religious beliefs because they are trying to justify their behavior by telling their manager, “She did the right thing. We don’t have to pray with witches. They worship satan. It’s blasphemy…”
4) After hearing what happened, management should have given the patients a warning about their behavior, referred them to a nondiscriminatory training, and immediately reach out to the patient and apologize with both nurses there to express their apologies.
5) As the Vice President of Nursing Services, I would be responsible for addressing these issues and making sure that the two nurses reach out to the dissatisfied patient and apologize for being rude.
6) I am familiar with differences in religions. For me personally, I am a Muslim and I know what religious discrimination feels like. If the patient asked to pray with her, to be kind, the nurses should have prayed with her. You do not have to believe in the patients’ religious practices to be kind. If it makes the nurses uncomfortable, they can kindly refuse to pray with the patient.

Case Write-Up
Background Statement
A Wiccan patient who visited a nondenominational community hospital was discussing her religious beliefs with her primary care nurse, Penny Baker, when suddenly another nurse, Ruth Goose, walked into the conversation and rudely stated, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch amongst you.” The Wiccan nurse felt offended and complained that she was discriminated in the hospital because of her religious beliefs.
Major Problems and Secondary Issues
The major problem is that the two nurses, Penny Baker and Ruth Goose, made the patient feel unwelcomed in the nondenominational community hospital because of her Wiccan religious beliefs. The secondary issues that the nondenominational community hospital may face is that the Wiccan patient is threatening to go to the media. This means that there may be news coverage that your hospital engages in religious discrimination. This may make people, especially Wiccans, look down on your medical services.
Your Role
In this case, I am the Vice President of Nursing Services. As stated in the text, it writes, “You are the Vice President of Nursing Services in a nondenominational community hospital, and you receive a complaint from a patient, who is a Wiccan.” The advantages of this role are that I can sit down with Penny and Ruth to let them know that religious discrimination is not to be tolerated while we are caring for the patients. The disadvantages of this role are that I must decide how I am going to discuss this matter with Penny and Ruth because they’re passionate about being against the Wiccan patient. I need to let Penny and Ruth know that our patient’s care matters above everything else, not what religion they practice.
Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses
As the Vice President of Nursing Services, my strengths are that I can hold a training on racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. This training can supplement nurses with the information they need to work in a diverse environment. Nurses need to know that they must treat their patients justly despite their identity. The weaknesses I may face are that the two nurses are very religious themselves. They may not listen to what I have to say about religious discrimination because the two nurses try to justify their act by saying, “She did the right thing. We don’t have to pray with witches. They worship Satan. It’s blasphemy. What’s next? Human sacrifice?”
Alternatives and Recommended Solution
As a solution for this problem, I will make sure to provide all the nurses working in the hospital with diversity training. It is important that I sit down with the nurses and make it clear that discrimination will not be tolerated while they are working in our hospital. I can also offer every patient visiting the hospital with a survey. The patient can fill out the survey to let us know how they felt about their stay. Nurses who’ve been accused of any sort of discrimination, will have to speak with management. We would keep these incidences of discrimination in a file, and it the dilemma does not change, I would have to begin writing up the nurses. Discrimination would not be tolerated while the patient is in the hospital trying to recover from a medical condition. I would also recommend Penny and Ruth write an official letter of apology to the Wiccan patient before she decides to go to the media. Writing the official letter of apology would be my first recommended solution to Penny and Ruth, so that the patient does not feel unwelcomed to our hospital’s services in the future.
If there are enough surveys to prove that our medical treatment is getting better and there are less patients coming from the patients about discrimination, then I would know that the instances of discrimination have stopped. The goal is to aid in the medical recovery of patients. Patients must also feel welcomed to our hospital services despite their identity. By getting fewer, or even better, no discrimination complaints, I would know that my diversity trainings and meetings have worked.

Nurses managing includes the performance in the authority features of governance and determination-producing within companies making use of nursing staff. It includes procedures common to all control like preparation, coordinating, staffing, directing and controlling. It can be frequent for registered nurses to seek further education to generate a Learn of Technology in Nursing jobs or Medical doctor of Nurses Process to prepare for authority roles within nurses. Control jobs increasingly call for prospects to carry a sophisticated level in medical. The main registered nurse, in other words anyone responsible for nursing inside a hospital and the go from the medical personnel, is called nurses officer in UK English,[1] and head health care worker or director of medical in US The english language,[2][3] and matron or nurses superintendent in Indian British.[4]

The chief health care worker is a registered nurse who supervises the care of all the patients with a health care premises. The chief registered nurse may be the older nurses management situation in an organization and quite often contains professional titles like chief nursing representative (CNO), main health care worker exec, or vice-director of medical. They typically statement for the CEO or COO.

The main nurse functions as “the pinnacle of the common staff in the hospital” and it is obeyed by his/her subordinate nurse practitioners.[5] Generally, key nurses have been named matrons and wore a darkish-azure outfit which had been usually darker than that of her subordinates, who had been also called sisters, together with a white-starched hat.[6] Therefore, matrons normally “provide robust authority and behave as a hyperlink between Board-levels nursing staff and specialized medical exercise.”[7] In army medical facilities of the United States, matrons were actually “responsible for the responsibility of making two times a day rounds to watch over the [typical] nurses’ responsibility performance.”[8]

The American Organization of Nurse Management is a specialist relationship for company directors of medical.

Service directors Several big medical care companies also have support company directors. These company directors have oversight of your particular support within the service or program (operative services, women’s services, crisis professional services, crucial proper care professional services, and many others.). Often these directors have ended administrators of those assistance collections.

Health professional supervisor The registered nurse manager may be the health professional with management obligations of the medical model. They typically statement to some support director. They have got primary commitments for staffing, budgeting, and daily operations from the device, bed internet site training, problem investigations & performing instructional programs at model foundation.

Charge registered nurse The cost nurse is the health care worker, typically assigned to get a shift, who is responsible for the fast working of the device. The fee health care worker is accountable for making certain medical care is shipped safely which each of the sufferers around the unit are receiving sufficient treatment. They are usually the frontline administration in most nursing jobs units. Some demand nursing staff are long term members of the medical administration group and therefore are named move supervisors. The term to get a woman cost registered nurse was traditionally a nurses sister (or perhaps sibling), which phrase remains widely used in some places (such as the United Kingdom and a few Commonwealth nations). Matron will be the task headline of your very elderly or maybe the chief health care worker in several countries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, its past colonies, such as India, along with the Republic of Ireland. The chief health professional, to put it differently a person in command of nursing jobs inside a medical center along with the mind from the nurses personnel, is also referred to as the elderly nurses police officer,[1] matron,[2] nursing official,[3] or medical nurse administrator in UK British the head health professional or director of medical in US English language,[4][5] as well as the nurses superintendent or matron in Indian English language, amid other countries around the world from the Commonwealth of Nations around the world.[6][7]

In the United Kingdom, matrons these days “have capabilities over budgets, food catering and cleaning up as well as being in control of nursing staff” and “hold the abilities to withhold obligations from catering and washing solutions once they don’t think they can be offering the ideal service to the National health service.”[2] In the past, matrons monitored the hospital as a whole however nowadays, these are in-charge of supervising 2 or 3 wards.[8]

The main nurse is really a health professional who supervises the attention of all patients at a medical service. The chief health care worker is definitely the older nursing jobs managing placement within an company and frequently keeps executive titles like chief medical police officer (CNO), key health professional professional, or vice-director of nursing jobs. They typically record to the CEO or COO. The phrase “matron” hails from the Latin for “new mother”, through French.

The matron used to be the most older registered nurse in the medical facility (in england before ca. 1972). She was liable for all of the nurses and domestic personnel, managing all individual treatment, as well as the successful jogging of your medical facility, although she seldom had actual control of the proper jogging of your healthcare facility.[9] Matrons were almost invariably female—male nursing staff were not at all typical, specifically in elderly roles. These people were often seen as fearsome managers, but have been highly regarded by nursing staff and medical professionals alike. [10][11]

The National Well being Support matron grew to become memorably linked to the formidable character enjoyed by celebrity Hattie Jacques in the 1959 video Carry On Health professional and the 1967 movie Carry On Medical doctor (and kinder portrayals in Keep On Again Doctor and Continue Matron). The matron usually had a very exclusive standard, by using a darker blue dress (although often of the slightly different colour from those donned by her immediate subordinates, the sisters) plus an intricate headdress.

Contemporary matrons In 2001 the British Federal government announced the return in the matron towards the National health service, electing to call this new breed of healthcare professionals “modern day matrons,” in response to various press problems of dirty, unproductive private hospitals with poorly disciplined staff.[2]

They are not intended to have the identical degree of responsibility because the outdated matrons, because they often oversee just one single department (therefore a hospital might have several matrons—one for surgical treatment, 1 for medication, one for geriatrics, one to the automobile accident & unexpected emergency section, and so on.) but may have budgetary management concerning catering and washing contracts. In larger sized medical facilities a few will have a small group of wards to deal with.

Their managerial capabilities tend to be more minimal, and they also invest nearly all of their time on administrative operate as an alternative to experiencing primary duty for affected individual attention.[12]

A lot of areas of great britain now make use of Neighborhood Matrons. The part on this personnel class is predominantly Scientific which Matrons have got a caseload of individuals for whom they may be clinically responsible. Several of these patients have constant health conditions like COPD, Emphysema, and palliative problems which result in several healthcare facility admissions. It will be the purpose of this staff members group of people to take care of the patient inside the group thereby reducing medical center admissions. This staff group of people are predominantly Nursing staff, but there are more Allied Health Care Professionals also inside the part for example Paramedics and Occupational Counselors.

The nursing tree branches of your British Armed Pushes have never deserted the term “Matron”, and it is used for men in addition to girl officials, typically holding the rank of Significant (or counterpart) or higher. It absolutely was formerly applied as an real rank from the nursing solutions.

In South Africa and its particular previous mandated territory South-Western Africa (today’s Namibia), Matron will be the rank of the more senior health care worker of any hospital. Prior to females were commonly hired as fully sworn police officers, a lot of law enforcement officials causes used uniformed ladies with limited abilities to look and deal with woman prisoners and cope with concerns specifically affecting women and youngsters. These women officers had been referred to as “police matrons”. Officials in women’s prisons sometimes also utilized the name of “matron” sometimes the matron was actually a senior police officer who supervised one other wardresses.