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Rock and Roll Music

Rock and Roll MusicExtended Discussion: The Relevance of studying Rock and Roll History
Why is the study of the history of rock and roll relevant to you?
As we have studied the development of rock and roll, we have not only examined musical styles and trends, but also how they correspond with developments in social, political, and fashion areas as well. As you think about what we have studied compared to your own experience, from your own perspective, answer this question:
Why is the study of the history of rock and roll relevant to you?
When answering this question, keep in mind what we are studying took place during a relatively short period in the second half of the 20th century. Your answer can be personal, specific or general in nature. It could be that the study of rock and roll is not relevant to you at all.
There are no right or wrong answers; your teammates and I are interested in your honest opinion.
If you complete this assignment, you will receive 20 points: 10 points for your statement and 10 points for the comments you add to statements from the other students in your discussion group. I am interested in your honest opinion, so there are no “right or wrong” answers. I may take off points if your statement is too short (missing something), if your assignment is incomplete (ie. you fail to add at least one comment to each statement submitted by all the other members of your discussion group) or if there are grammatical and spelling problems. Do not submit a list. Your statement should be written in prose (sentences and paragraphs, etc.). See the course schedule for due dates for original posts and response posts and below for instructions about using the discussion board.

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