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Risk Management in Just Culture

Risk Management in Just Culture
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Integration of Just Culture into a healthcare organization can make it easier to analyze sentinel events and potential hazards in an organization. This opens the path to making organizations safer and improving risk management. For this discussion you are asked to describe how this can make root cause analysis and FMEA more effective. Be sure to take a systems perspective and use an ethical framework in your response.

Using the examples from module notes and videos and other information from your readings respond to the following questions:

Describe how a Just Culture in an organization can improve the effectiveness of risk management activities including root cause analysis and FME.
Discuss your experience with Just Culture and the next steps that your organization can take to integrate or sustain Just Culture.
Deduce the patient’s viewpoint of Just Culture in your organization
In your initial response, be sure to include the criteria mentioned above as well as identification of the type of health care setting.

Students are expected to participate in academic conversations with peers and faculty to generate scholarly dialogue. Expectations for participation in the course discussions are described under the Discussion Rubric: Critical Analysis (ways of knowing) and Engagement (interactions) when relating your experiences, opinions, viewpoints, and ideas supported by evidence.

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