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Revenue Cycle Consultant

Imagine you are a Revenue Cycle Consultant. For over the past 3 years, the Revenue Cycle department has been experiencing a decline in reimbursement and revenue integrity because of claim denials and rejections. You have been hired to perform a pre-bill and post-bill analysis to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. You have worked as a consultant for this facility for 6 months, and during this time you were able to come up with the final analysis:

o Incorrect or inadequate codes have been entered

o Missing information (e.g., incorrect or missing social security number)

Directions: Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (no speaker notes required) for the staff. Describe the 2 issues above and provide an explanation as to how the error might have occurred for each issue. For each issue, also describe 2 recommendations on how to avoid these problems. Your PowerPoint presentation should have the minimum of 4 slides including a title and reference slide.