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Reunited Cyprus on its tourism industry

The potential impacts of a reunited Cyprus on its tourism industry
The outline of report should consist of below four main parts:
o Part I: Issue identification
• – Identifying the business issue
• – Explaining the rationale for study
o Part II: Situation analysis
• – Analysing the situation
• – Reviewing relevant literatures
o Part III: Action planning and evaluation
• – Collecting data/information
• – Selecting and evaluating a course of action
o Part IV: Recommendations
• – Proposing the specific solution(s)
• – Conclusion and reflections
Background history.
• 1) Analysis. data . secondary data on the internet, e.g., macroeconomic data, number of arrivals, visitors’ profiles. Then need to bring in some theoretical framework for you to systematically study the case.

• 2) Identify some issues. After your analysis, you may come up with some areas that needs attention. Explain why they are problematic.

• 3) Make suggestions. propose some action plans. How to tackle these issues? How feasible these actions are? Essentially some cost-benefit analysis.

Social and economical impacts, as well as both benefits and costs potentially;

• Conclude.