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Restoring voting rights to convicted felons

Using your reference list and project template from week 2s assignment, complete the project by adding a 250-word summary of each article under its reference. You need to summarize each article factually, using your own words and refrain from using quotes and opinion. In addition, please make sure your sources do not include encyclopedias, boo reviews or article citations

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The articles must be on restoring voting rights to convicted felons

In their speech delivered at the southern historical convention and at the Decoration Day held in Madison Square, Juban and Frederick respectively ascertained that it is significant to remember the nature and occurrences of civil war. Jubal communicated that history is philosophically referred to as teaching by example. As such, the historical events during the Civil war must be upheld if its causes and consequences are to be understood and replicated in the present and future society . While the importance of remembering the civil war is shared by Frederick in his speech, he differs with Jubal on the reasons for doing so. Frederick emphasizes on the possibility of achieving equality, liberty, and justice. According to him as much as most of the emancipated millions are yet to receive full liberation, he is certain that justice will prevail in the long run. Thus, the historical events of the civil war ought not to be used to label the North as wrong and the South as right. Long lasting peace is unlikely to be attained when the two sections are differentiated based on those who fought for liberation and those who fought against it. While exploring the views of the two speakers on the causes and consequences of the civil war, the author of the current paper argues that lasting liberty and justice will only prevail in America when the events of the civil war are remembered to honor the persons who died for liberation and not to justify the wrongs and/or rights done by any of the parties involved in the war.
Clinging to the historical memories of the civil war justifies the wrongs of the North that are detrimental to the attainment of full liberation in America. Individuals such as Jubal argue that forgetting about the past is impossible even when the victims involved have the will to do so. The heroism and devotion exhibited by the fighters during the struggled for their liberation cannot as observed in the battlefield cannot be erased from the memories of the current generation. In addition, the possibility of having the world permit and preserve the events as they occurred in the battlefield is minimal, as such, it is better to keep them as memories. Jubal has also argued that forgetting the continuance and the sacrifices endured by individuals fighting for their sacred rights cannot fade from the memories of men. As such upholding the memories of the war is inevitable. Remembering the events of the civil war in this manner is largely unbeneficial to the Americans. The motivate is to highlight the wrong doings of the North as well as justify them as persons involved in the fight against liberation of slavery in America. Hatred is likely to build up that will deter the process of attaining justice and equality. Remembering the events of the civil war in this line is therefore more detrimental than beneficial to the Americans.
Memorizing the events of the civil war intensify the assertion that the South lost and would therefore remain in slavery. The main cause of the war was to eliminate slavery and attain self-governance. Secession was not achieved as desired after the North won the civil war that lasted for approximately four years. In his speech, Jubal has also noted that the interest of the South and all those who fought for liberation is not likely to be lost irrespective of losing the war. The spirit and the goal of those who died in the war still live amongst the current generation, as such, are likely to consider revising the interest of secession . The issue of slavery is more eminent amongst people who cling to the memories of the war in such a way that any wrong doing by the government is attributed to the continual perceived slavery as reported amongst the South. As much as there may be certain principles fought for by the slaves that have remained compromised, as Frederick said, they should not be used as way to justify the assertion that slavery has remained in America . Rather, Americans as a whole both from the North and the South should be optimistic and anticipate the attainment of equality and justice in the near future. Analyzing and memorizing the events of the war to justify the wrongs or rights done by any of the parties involved in the war.
Saving the legacy of civil war will only fuel the idea of self-governance as was anticipated by the South. Douglas has instigated massive efforts to forge memory of the war into action with the view of attaining dignity, freedom, citizenship and suffrage. His interpretation of the civil rights as imposed by the American Supreme Court indicates a failure by the national government to offer full liberation to the slaves . Indeed the scholar pointed out that the civil rights were major deterioration in the fight against slavery and anticipated the possibility of enhanced racism in America . On the contrary, as communicated by Frederick in his speech, the poor interpretation of the civil rights has negatively affected the spirit of reconciliation between the North and the South. According to him, if the amendments in the constitution are fairly understood, faithfully implemented and obeyed to the latter, the spirit of togetherness that will consequently lead to the provision of justice is likely to be observed . As such, opposing the civil rights as executed by the national government will only interfere with the spirit of togetherness that farther retards the attainment of justice and full liberation from slavery.
The need to create unity in America by the North and the desire to attain liberation by the South contributed to the struggle over civil war memory. Jubal in his speech holds the same view as Douglas who pointed out that liberation will only be attained if the current and future generation upholds the events of the war as observed in the battle field. While supporting the assertion that the preservation of the war legacy was vital, his main aim was to forge the historical myths that could assist in wining legal battles in their present and future lives . To him, the cultural myths based on historical ideas and stories will not only influence the amendments of the civil wars but will also lead to the development of sacred values that will promote freedom and equality for the black . This was however contrary to the desires of the North that aimed at attaining national unity. To them, the civil war was a battle of principles and ideas that divided one section and united the other. Moreover, in their view the war was between a government that upholds the rights of humans and a group of individuals that are uncivilized . As such, their main aim was to achieve peace and unity in America, as such would not embrace anything such as upholding the memories of the civil war that would interfere with the process of attaining lasting peace and unity in America.
The major reconstruction goal after the American civil war was to ensure Justice, equality and peace prevails in the region. However, with the difference views and perceptions on the civil war memory, the attainment of the reconstruction goals remains difficult. The South are still buried in the memories of the wars and still perceived as ex-slave holders. On the contrary, the North and the National government advocates for the observation of the Memorial Day as a remembrance of those who took part in the war and not clinging to the events and experiences of the battled field. As observed in the analysis above, the spirit of togetherness, equality and justice is likely to prevail when people act as patriots and only acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the people who perish in the war, other than memorizing the events to highlight the wrongs of the North and the reluctance of the government in offering full liberation to the slaves.