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Restaurant Operations Recovery Plan

 Identify and discuss what must be addressed to maximize profits, what must change, in order to remain in operation? (Examples: food and beverage, limitation of products/ goods, hiring and retaining employees, contracts with vendors, etc.)

 Given the current situation and government regulations, identify and discuss changes to be developed in your operation to limit contact with guests? (safety and sanitation, food exchange, money exchange etc..)

 Identify and discuss what plans in the future must be taken into account, such as, (employee training, menu redevelopment, marketing mix, distribution advertising methods?)

 Explain how your restaurant concept, will capture more of the market segment than previously (use of technologies)?

 Identify and discuss how your restaurant can remain an active part of the community through personal and social responsibility? (Examples: donations, sponsorships and fundraising causes).

 Identify and discuss potential lawsuits your restaurant may encounter and how the team will overcome any related difficulties.