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Resit E-Commerce and Marketing

Resit E-Commerce and MarketingAny special requirements:

Your report paper should be submitted on the Student Portal along with an acceptable Turnitin Report -15% maximum
Deadline date for submission:

ï‚· Analyse methods of determining the size and structure of markets and of segmenting particular markets
ï‚· Evaluate strategies of promoting sales at different sales at different product types and services and identify the interrelationship to broaden company strategies
ï‚· Evaluate the extent to which the Internet aids modern working practices
ï‚· Demonstrate a critical awareness of the scope of e-commerce and its benefits in business and its practical and commercial limitations

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Task 1: Individual Report
Individual Report Scenario
E-commerce, also called electronic commerce is used of the Internet and to transact the business. Many competitors focus on the digital enabled commercial transactions between and among the organization and the individuals. Each of these components is crucial in the E- business industry
Assignment Task
As part of your report, you are required

to choose an E-commerce website operating in the UK and critically assess it in terms
of seven unique features. Which of the features does the site implement well and which features poorly in your opinion.
to provide your detailed findings and suggestions for improvement and an action plan to reinforce the online presence.

Assessment criteria for briefing paper

Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria

Maximum marks for each section
Content, style, relevance, originality

Ownership of the material presented Correct style, grammar and syntax Personal evaluation
Good communication skills

30% Briefing paper
Format, referencing, bibliography

Correct structure and style Harvard referencing
Good range of books and journal articles

20% Briefing Paper
Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion

Good response will embrace appropriate theories & models Critical as well as normative perspectives and will demonstrate utilisation of relevant original thought. Practical and pragmatic conclusions and recommendations.

30% Briefing paper
20 % Critical analysis and evaluation
Assignment Guidance
TASK 1 is an individual report and must be presented in a report format (1,500 words). It is important that your report is properly structured. Also, as this is an academic paper, you should draw on contemporary literature to support your paper. Remember that this individual report accounts for 25% of your module assessment. Hence, bad performance will have an impact on this module. An executive summary is required as part of your report.
Your report should include references to the appropriate e-commerce and marketing literature (textbooks, journals and websites). Care should be taken when consulting websites as they
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are not all equally authoritative (for example Wikipedia is not peer-reviewed; therefore is not considered an academic reference website). A minimum of 8 different academic references must be cited, but a well-researched report is likely to cite many more.
You are advised to keep a backup copy of the report until you receive your grade and regularly back-up your work in the cloud (OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and GoogleDrive are good examples). A disk crash is not an acceptable reason for late submission.
Below is an indicative structure for your report:
Title Page
Table of Contents
A list of all the chapters, sections, headings, and sub-headings. Appendices and Figures should be provided as well as all page numbers as clearly as possible.
Executive Summary
An executive summary is a summary of a business report and is designed to give the examiner a flavour as to what the aims of report are about.
This should show that you have understood the brief and that you will cover everything required.
Findings and Analysis

ï‚· This is the substance of your report. The structure will vary depending on the material being presented. Headings and sub-headings should be used to indicate clearly the different sections.
ï‚· Charts, diagrams and tables can be used to reinforce your arguments, although it may be better to include the more complex ones as an appendix.
This provides an end to your report through a summary of the important points in your discussion. Remember not to include any new material here.
Reference List / Bibliography
The terms reference list and bibliography are sometimes used interchangeably, but here we define the terms as:

ï‚· Bibliography – a list of consulted readings, for example a list of textbook sources, that you have studied while composing your essay, but not specifically cited in the text

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