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Research-Supported Causes or Effects Essay

In APA format. With in-text citations and a page with the references. 6 at least and 3 of then scholarly journals.
Intro :start with a statistic. Here is the thesis I would like for it to have and the topic sentences of each topic I would like to talk about. It has to be Academic writing and in THIRD person. so no "you" or "I". preferably updated references/sources, 3 of them at least have to be SCHOLARLY JOURNALS sources. With statistics and reliable sources.
Thesis Statement: The rise of social media has left a most significant fingerprint on our society, but more than anything else- it’s left its mark on our relationships causing stress, trust issues and insecurities to surface.
Topic: Stress
Topic Sentence 1: Social Media can have negative effects on stress due to the lack of privacy, pressure and discretion.
Topic: Trust Issues
Topic Sentence 2: Social Media can also have negative effects on trust due to jealousy, suspicion, and uncertainty.
Topic: Insecurities
Topic Sentence 3: Social Media can have negative effects when it comes to insecurities ,due to unhealthy competition and comparing oneself with others.

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