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Research Studies

Methodologies used to perform analysis and survey is important as it depicts and is highly deterministic on the end result. A procedure followed in the right way would lead to a specialized and satisfactory outcome of the research. Methodology is a way used in choosing from research methods that would help with the collection of the data and provide a quality outcome for the analysis.

            As a study, researches carried out in different forms are referred to as problems that evaluate and give solutions at the end. The presenting problem for the research is the less satisfaction and safety among hospitalized patients. This was an observation made from a closer source connected with the patients and most of the time, serves them directly. Such individuals include the nurses, doctors among the health workers. The patients would raise their concerns to their relatives and friends who came visiting about being uncomfortable spending nights in the hospital beds, for fear of kidnap, rape cases and even thefts. There were signs on the same, patients became resistant and some of then were rebellious. At first, this was thought to be a mental problem, and upon counseling sessions, there was an understanding for their behaviors, feelings and actions. The closest people who frequently came to visit them raised the same concern. This becomes a crucial issue and situation that needs an urgent attention and a long term solution. The hospital management is concerned because few patients resolve to settle for their services.

            A solution for every problem begins with a decision making forum that would help in determining and picking ideas for the verdict. Each opinion counts and feedback is important for an effective long term solution and maintenance of relationship among the individuals in the specific organization.  There are strategies that are required to take place for a final decision making process to be a success ( Olrich, 2012). A research was carried out among the victims who raised a concern on this matter. 20 women and 20 men all in patient services volunteered to fill in some questionnaires that contained issues experienced from the patients positions, the fears they are facing, the ideal measures they think will help in solving their issue and which strategy will last longer and help in the better management of the hospital. The questionnaires had blank names and this was to protect the patients from having experiencing stigma and discrimination because of airing out their opinions and concerns. The male and female patients completed the forms and handed over for evaluation to the supervisor and the head of nurses. From the patients, 14 men and 18 females indicated that they were at risk for as long as they had to stay in the hospital duding their treatment process. Amongst the 40 patients in total who participated in the research analysis, only 6 settled to have the hospital as their next stop should there be any medical emergencies.

            The research also indicated that women are at risk of being raped and exposure to other violations while in the hospital beds. The hospitalized females feared for their families they left home and opt for a home recovery process. This was analyzed among 17 of the 20 females who were hospitalized ( Wischmann et al, 2009). The psychological torture incurred upon the patients was severe as they had obsessions as defense mechanism among other unconscious mind mentality perceptions. The solution that had a majority vote was on the nurses having frequent rounds, especially at night hours to avoid the cases of all forms of violation experienced amongst them. The time on the rounds that were preferred was eight times a day and preferably 4 times in the night. This would ensure a secure hospital without any fear of strangers who came in as visitors to other hospitalized patient as well (Rondinelli et al, 2012).

            The initiative that was taken to confirm the opinions of the candidates who participated in the research process was setting up a counseling session for every patient. The assurance of shared confidentiality was sealed and the consent form signed. The therapists who conducted this survey analyzed and built a relationship with each patient and took time to understand there issues. The therapists shared vital information only with the hospital supervisor which confirmed fears from the past experiences of the hospital ( Deitrick, 2012). The clients were the same number as those who participated in the first research. 28 people in total out of 40 settled for therapeutic sessions to help them deal with their traumatic events and thoughts. The counselors ensured they booked a session with each of the patients as they had a lot to deal with which was hidden in their unconscious mind. This survey was completed and the final draft analysis indicated that the patients and other visitors who were close to them, felt comfortable with the hourly rounds and thorough inspection of each person before checking into the wards ( Deitrick , 2012). This was an equalized opportunity for a decision to be settled at, which will favor the clients and make them comfortable. The nurses acted with immediate effect and settled for the hourly rounds. The end results from the patients were happiness and peace in their hearts as they had no fear and were comfortable.


            Both the external and internal research is necessary when carrying out a problem solution project for an effective outcome. It is important to prioritize the people who are uncomfortable with the situation at hand and conduct the survey among them, than note an observation from an outside source. Research is an effective and long term problem solution factor that has helped many organizations and hospitals to deal with their issues.   

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