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Research Project/An insight into student demand for smartphones at La Trobe University.

Research Project/An insight into student demand for smartphones at La Trobe University.
You are enrolled in BUS1BAN. The subject focuses on two graduate capabilities: information literacy
and inquiry/research. This assignment focuses on assessing the quality of your learning and its
application in real world business research at an introductory level. The assignment requires you to
apply the analytical techniques taught in this subject to data collected through a survey. The online
weekly videos, face-to-face workshops and weekly online quizzes will provide you with the
opportunity to learn the analytical techniques needed to successfully complete this assignment. The
in-semester assessments in BUS1BAN are designed to promote your understanding of the material
covered in this subject and will prepare you for the final exam.
Project Title: An insight into student demand for smartphones at La Trobe
According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, a smartphone is a mobile phone that performs
many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an
operating system capable of running downloaded apps. There is a wide variety of smartphone
suppliers in the market who try to compete with each other. The purpose of this project is to get some
basic insight into the student demand for smartphones at La Trobe University.
This type of project requires researchers to (1) design a survey questionnaire, (2) select a sample of
the population to survey, (3) conduct the interviews, (4) analyze the data collected, and (5) prepare a
written report. For convenience, the subject coordinator designed a survey questionnaire (attached
to this assignment) which will be completed by all the students. Moreover, since it is impossible to
interview every student visiting the university, the subject coordinator proposes that only BUS1BAN
students should be surveyed. And, to make life easier for all, all students are requested to respond to
the anonymous survey online on the subject LMS page. The data will be provided to students for
What should you do?
? Respond to the survey online on the subject webpage before Friday 5pm, 11 March. Your
responses will be completely anonymous (this is a standard requirement for all surveys).
Once the online survey closes, the subject coordinator will export the anonymous
responses to an Excel file. The Excel file will be uploaded on the LMS. The assignment
requires you to select a random sample from the data. The Excel file will provide further
details about the sample selection.
? You may submit the assignment individually or in groups of two.
? Submit a written report of around 1000 words (excluding tables and graphs) using
Turnitin on the LMS. The report must respond to the specific questions asked in a report
format. See the ‘Report Format’ for details.
Marking criteria:
You are expected to use the data analysis techniques covered in this subject to answer the specific
questions listed in the ‘Report Format’ section. Marks will be allocated on the basis of correctly
identifying the tools of analysis; their successful application to the survey data and the overall quality
of your report. A detailed break-down of the marks is given in the ‘Report Format’.
Survey Questionnaire
Reminder: Please respond to this survey online (on LMS) before Friday 5pm, 11 March.
1. Student Gender: I am a
A. Male B. Female
2. Phone Usage: On average, my monthly mobile phone bill is __________________ dollars (Enter 0 if
you do not use a mobile phone).
3. Earning status: On average, I earn/receive___________ dollars in a month (this may include money
received from any source including parent support).
4. Type of mobile phone used by students: What is the brand of your mobile phone that you are currently
A. Apple
B. Samsung
D. Other smartphone
E. Basic mobile phone (any mobile phone other than a smartphone)
F. I do not use a mobile phone
5. The effect of price on preference: Suppose you have to choose between a latest model of the Samsung
Galaxy and a latest model of the Apple iPhone. Will you buy the latest Galaxy instead of the latest
iPhone if
A. Price of the Galaxy = price the iPhone (0% discount) (i) Yes. (ii) No.
B. The Galaxy is 5 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
C. The Galaxy is 10 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
D. The Galaxy is 15 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
E. The Galaxy is 20 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
F. The Galaxy is 25 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
G. The Galaxy is 30 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
H. The Galaxy is 35 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
I. The Galaxy is 40 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
J. The Galaxy is 45 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
K. The Galaxy is 50 % cheaper than the iPhone. (i) Yes. (ii) No.
Report Format
The survey can be used to answer many interesting questions. You are however required to
focus on specific questions listed below. The report must follow the following format.
1. Introduction: (10% marks)
Provide a brief introduction to what this assignment is about and how your sample was selected?
2. Data Analysis (75% marks):
This section must answer the following specific questions.
Section A: Basic Analysis. (25% marks)
1. What proportion of the students in your sample are male and what proportion are
2. What is the average monthly bill of students by gender in your sample?
3. What is the average monthly earning of students by gender in your sample? Is there any
relationship between earning and money spent on mobile usage?
4. Summarize the market share of each mobile phone brand by gender.
Section B: Intermediate Market Analysis. (25% marks)
5. Is there a relationship between the earning of students and choice of mobile phone? Do
high income earners use different phones than low and middle income earners?
6. iPhone and Samsung are two important players in the smartphone market who compete
against each other. Samsung’s phones are generally sold cheaper than Apple’s
smartphones. Summarize the relationship between potential market share and proposed
discount offered by Samsung on its latest Galaxy vis-à-vis the latest iPhone. Does
Samsung’s share, relative to Apple, increase or decrease with the discount offered by
7. Compare the discount and market-share relationship in question 6 above across gender?
Section C: Advance Scenarios. (25% marks)
8. Suppose, you randomly selected a student from the 2015 BUS1BAN class.
a. How likely is it that the student will be a female and how likely is it that the student
will be a male. Provide 95% interval estimates and interpret your results.
b. How likely is it that the student will be using a smartphone? Provide 99% interval
estimates and interpret your results.
9. What is the average monthly earning of male and female students at La Trobe? Provide
95% interval estimate and interpret your answer.
10. A US market survey shows that the market share of iPhone is more than 40% of the US
market. Is this true for La Trobe students as well? Use your sample data to test this claim at
1%, 5% and 10% levels of significance and interpret your answers?
3. Summary and discussion (15% marks):
• Provide a short summary of the MAIN RESULTS from your analysis of the data
(responses to sections A, B and C).
• Critically evaluate the sampling method used in this assignment. Can the result of your
sample be generalized to all La Trobe Students? Suggest ways in which the problem(s)
issues you have raised can be addressed to make the survey results representative of
the ALL La Trobe students.
Suggested word limit for each section
Suggested maximum word limit
Introduction 130 words
Section A 240 words
Section B 240 words
Section C 240 words
Summary and discussion 150 words

Instructions on How to Select a random Sample for your Assignment
In order to select a random sample for your assignment, go to the Survey Data Sheet and follow the following steps

Step 1: Select the data from Cells A2 to Q225 in the “Survey Data” worksheet

Step 2: Go to Data>Sort and select Sort by “Random Number”
Make sure the “My data has headers” option located on the top right is checked before you click OK
This step will randomly change the order of the reponses. This is simple random sampling proceedure you learned in the first week

Step 3: Select the first 100 obseravtion as your sample
Make sure you copy your selected sample into a new spreadsheet.
To do this, select cells B1 to Q102,
Press Ctrl+C (this command will copy the selected data)
Press Ctrl+N (this command will open a new spreadsheet file)
Press Ctrl+V (this command will paste your selected sample in the new spreadsheet)
Make sure you save the new spreadsheet.

Note: Please make sure you save your data file as everytime you repeat steps 1 to 3 above you will obtain a different sample.
*You will have to submit this sample with your assignment so that your calculations are double checked.
* If you are doing this assignnent in a group of 2, only one student should select a sample as the above process will result in a different sample every time you follow steps 1 to 3.

Need help with selecting a sample?
See your tutor. See LMS for details of consultation hour.

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