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Reseach-based essay

Reseach-based essay

Paper details:

*The essay is worth 50 points.

*A summary and notes from a personal interview is worth 20 points.

*An additional 25 points will be given for following the MLA format.

*Copies of all your sources, including the personal interview notes, must be in your folder: you will not receive a grade without them.

*Homework will include three 5-point assignments, which must be turned in on their due dates to receive credit.

Begin by choosing a topic in an area in which you are an authority. For example, you can write about guns only if you own a gun or have been a victim of gun violence or if you are interested in the subject. The information that establishes your authority must be included in the essay.

This essay must include Three written sources. This means that your topic choice is something other people are thinking and writing about. The essay also must reference information you acquired from a personal interview.

Here are some examples:

*You could write about advances in laser surgery for near-sighted people if you are near-sighted. Include this fact or an experience with being near-sighted along with information from interviewing an optometrist or someone who had had laser surgery.

*You could write an essay about the dangers deer pose and include information from an interview with a friend or relative who has hit a deer on the highway.

additional work:

1. Form a research question that can be answered yes or no. Are there too many deer on our highways? Have the policies controlling deer in Kansas been effective? Should more deer licenses be issued per year? This question is Due Mon. Nov.9

2. Turn this question into a statement: There are too many deer on our highway. More licenses should be issued to hunt deer. This will be the first draft of a thesis sentence. Your thesis statement is due Wed. Nov.11

3.Find three sources that help you answer your thesis question, give background information, or add examples.

4. Find a person to interview and conduct the interview. Write a summary of your interview. This is due, with your interview notes, on Mon. Nov.16.

5. Draft your essay. Be sure to include your three written sources, information from the interview and information that establishes your authority. The completed draft is due Mon. Nov. 16

6. Pay attention to the MLA format especially for the first page/ title page, in-text citations, and the works cited page. Not following the MLA rules could cost you 25 points.

* I must print out the sources, even if it a book or a magazine, I have to show her a page or two of my source. so please send me the links to them so I can print them out. You could use any source.

I need the research question as soon as possible, and hopefully before Monday Nov. 9.

Also, I need my first draft thesis statement as soon as possible, and hopefully before Wed.Nov.11

I will choose 4 Pages

I will need only one page for the summary of the personal interview and the notes of the interview.

the other three pages is for the essay.

You could write the in compare and contrast way if you want.

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