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Your submissions should be double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins. Please include class info/title of assignment at top of submission.

For this assignment, you will do the most terrifying thing imaginable: not consume any media for 10 consecutive hours. No email, phone, texting, internet, radio,
television, magazines, newspapers, books, music, etc. Imagine you live in an earlier era when none of these things existed or were much more difficult to obtain. You
must do this exercise during your free time (i.e. when you are not at work, studying, or in class, etc.).

At the end of your eight hours, write a 3- page report (three full pages) about your experiences that uses the following questions as a guide:

How did you feel at the beginning of the exercise?

Which media were the most difficult to avoid? Why?

How did you feel midway through the exercise?

Which media did you miss the most? Explain.

How did you occupy your time? What differences did you notice in your body and your brain during this exercise?

What did you learn by doing this exercise?
You will only reap the benefits of this exercise if you choose to participate completely. It will essentially have no effect at all if you only do it halfway, or if
you make up your answers. Are you up for the challenge or can you truly not live without media for 10 hours?

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