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Replay to peer – Real-World Example Analysis


Replay to peer – Real-World Example Analysis

 I need you to replay to this discussion from my peer.

Peer response:  Read your peers’ postings and learn what you can from their analysis of the article.  Respond thoughtfully to at least one of your peer’s postings, making a significant contribution by extending the conversation, bringing new ideas or questions to your peer’s post, and/or explaining an in-depth connection with idea(s) from your peer’s post.


Her answer for “Project 2 Real-World Example Analysis” was:

  1. I think the audience is possibly educators. I think this because he makes a few points about teaching students certain things or approaches to teaching.
  2. I think she does accomplish her purpose because she relates the researched information to the topic well.
  3. I think her tone is appropriate because her information is, in general, a more formal approach. Her tone is professional.
  4. The lack of reference sources does not allow this article to be fully credible because there is no proof of where the information is coming from.
  5. I think it is how she presents the information. She addresses the information in a way that states that this is proven to be the issue and the solution is upon the educators to make the issues better.
  6. I think I can judge my own level of intellectual humility by understanding my own knowledge and capacity of it. This is also how I can further develop it because I can be motivated to learn above what I already know.
  7. Her ethos is by presenting the information and determining if it is credible. Since there is no references for her outsources, it may be minimally credible.
  8. She uses her opinion and outside sources to back up her opinion to establish the problem. With so much information and a well formed argument, she can encourage her audience that yes-the problem exists.



Now I need you to replay to her with 275 words.

Here is an example of someone who replied to her, so you know the style of the replay “but please do not write the exact following replay”:

Hi Samantha!

I agree with each of the answers you provided, but I do believe you could expand your reasoning. Why do you think that she accomplished her purpose?  I believe she accomplished her purpose because she related intellectual humility to real-world scenarios that many may find useful when wanting to advance their career. Saga’s creditability is definitely questionable, as we aren’t sure where she obtained her information. I think incorporating reputable references would influence her audience in a more powerful way. Her lack of citation makes it difficult for the audience to gain a sense of ethos. Great points!