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Repeated Measures or ANCOVA Research

Propose a research study that requires the use of a mixed effect ANOVA or and ANCOVA. Your post must include the following components:
Propose a research question that can be answered with either a mixed effects ANOVA or an ANCOVA. Make sure to clarify whether you are using an ANCOVA
or a mixed effects design.
Present a brief review of the literature that justifies the need for the study
Present the null hypotheses that you will be testing
Clarify the dependent variable, any between-subjects factor and the covariate or within-subjects factor.
Discuss any critical assumptions that you must test in order to interpret the results correctly.
Use GPower to determine the necessary sample size in each group to detect an alpha of .05, a moderate effect size, and a power of .8
Describe characteristics of subjects, how the sample will be recruited and assigned, what measures will be used, and any threats to the internal or external
validity of your study.