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Religious practices in Oceania.

Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing some things about the religious practices in

You recall the scenario below while creating your presentation.
You discover that a religious group has begun on the other side of town in which you are staying. You begin attending some of their worship sessions and find that the people are quite welcoming. After attending a few sessions, they invite you to live
in the community they have established. It sounds like a great opportunity, and you begin to consider the offer.
While talking with your neighbor, who attends church regularly, about the new religious group, she informs you that this
group is most likely a cult. She has witnessed the members beginning to build large walls around their compound and bring
in supplies, specifically weapons, on regular accounts. She also points out that this group resembles a cult, based on her knowledge of previous incidents.
She concludes by cautioning you against moving into the newly formed community, noting that cults tend to have vary drastic views and practices compared to other religions. You assure her you will take her cautions to heart while making
your decision. In the end though, will you join the cult?

For your presentation, you must include the following components: • Create a chart to compare and contrast the view of sacred items, practices, or areas of Oceanic cults compared to that of one religion discussed so far in this course. • Create a bulleted list of assessing why members of religious groups can be divided on new beliefs or topics. • Explain the values and practices surrounding cults. • Justify your chosen action based on the provided scenario.

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