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Relationship and partnership in food supply

 Relationship and partnership in food supply

Regarding the term project:

The grade for the report will be determined based on its quality:

  1. Is the paper comprehensive? You are expected to read and analyze 10-15 articles.
  2. Is there an Introduction-development-conclusion structure?
  3. Is the connection from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, and section to section logical? Is there a logical flow in the paper? Is it easy to follow?
  4. Are you showing critical thinking/strategic analytical skills especially in conclusion or just narrating things?
  5. Is the grammar and structure of the sentences accurate?
  6. Is it spell checked? I always get a couple “their” instead of “there” or vice versa.


The following is relevant to all of you but especially to those students who will work on trust, relationship and partnership topics. I eventually what to develop a survey given in the link and pdf file below. This survey is measuring the suppliers’ satisfaction of auto manufacturers. Similarly, I want to measure satisfaction of farmers, processors, and producers of agriculture products of their buyers like manufacturers and/or wholesalers/retailers.  For example, what do peanut farmers  think of Peter Pan and what does Peter Pan think of Wal Mart.

The Working Relationship Index has 5 components with questions on page 2. Our survey may have similar or a different number of components with several questions. For example, “Trust” will be one of these components. Your research should shed some light into what the other components and questions there should be.



  • The reports should be type-written, 1 ½ spaced.
  • The same font style and size, preferably Calibri 12, should be used throughout the paper.
  • Margins should be 1” for top, bottom, left and right.
  • Page number should be present at the bottom of each page.
  • There is no predetermined length of report.