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Reflection on career and specialization

Week 4: Deciding Your Major Discussion Board
Considering all of the research you’ve conducted thus far—your interests, values, personality and skills, answer the following questions (in complete sentences) related to your major or program of study.

I want the writer to use this informations and to write about Bachelors in Science Healthcare Administration.
3 University that I am applying for this degree would be Devry University, University of Phoenix , and Kaplan University.
I will be a full time student to finish my degree quicker .

Comment on one of your classmates posts.

1. What is the career you have chosen? Be specific.

2. What will be your college major, concentration and/or minor for your career choice? Be specific.

3. What are three universities/colleges that offer this major or program? Yes, you need 3.

4. Does this major align with your career path and values? Explain your response.

5. Do you have the intellectual capacity to obtain a degree in this major? Explain how you know this. What evidence do you have that you will be successful? Do not simply state that you have a deep desire or are committed to this.

6. Are you willing to commit to the time and effort it will take to complete this major? How much? What will you do to make time for this major?

7. What else can you do with this major? List at least two alternative career options related to this

major. (You can use the site for assistance.)

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