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reduced extracellular electrolyte concentrations

reduced extracellular electrolyte concentrations
Question 13
Excessive diarrhea may result in:
reduced extracellular electrolyte concentrations.
decreased extracellular fluid concentrations.
equivalent losses of both electrolytes and fluids.
increased intracellular fluid concentrations.

Question 38
Liz has recently been diagnosed with hypertension. Detail at least 3 diet-related changes that are important for Liz to identify and modify in an effort to improve her situation.

Question 39

What is meant by the expression: “water follows electrolytes”?

Question 42
Thiamin deficiency is common in alcoholics.

What is the name of the alcohol-related thiamin deficiency disorder?

Why is thiamin intake low in alcoholics?

What are the signs and symptoms of this deficiency?

Question 43
Iodine deficiency may be considered the world’s greatest single cause of preventable brain damage. Why?

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