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Realizing the Opportunity of Education by Matthew L. Sanders.

Write a Reflection Paper
Write a minimum of 250-500 word reflection on how your view of higher education has deepened and changed after reading Sanders’ work. Include at least two quotes from the textbook with proper in-text citations (Last Name and Page Number). For example, “Your quote” (Sanders 12). You can use the following questions to help you write your essay (but you do not need to include the questions themselves in your essay). You must answer a minimum of 5 of these questions in your reflection.

Write a new paragraph or paragraphs when addressing each question. You should also have opening and conclusion paragraphs. This means a seven paragraph minimum for your paper.

What did you learn that may have been surprising about the kind of students who receive jobs after graduation?
What does Sanders suggest employers are looking for in an employee? Is it always someone with the degree in that major?
What kind of loaded questions does Sanders suggest that we avoid? Why should we avoid these kinds of questions?
What is it about a degree that Sanders suggest is important?
What does Sanders argue is more important than learning technical job skills?
According to Sanders, what do critical thinkers do to solve problems?
What does Sanders claim are the differences between students and learners?