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Real-world comparison of nonprofit organizations

Provide a real-world comparison of nonprofit organizations (specifically education funds) doing similar work and see how their finances differ or match up. The written report must also include comparison spreadsheets. The four organizations; FY 2019 990s are below.

Boston Educational Development Foundation, Inc FY 2019 990:

DC Ed Fund – FY 2019 990:

Chicago Public Education Fund FY 2019 990:*xktr6t*_ga*MjA5ODIzNjkzNy4xNjI5NzE2NTA4*_ga_0H865XH5JK*MTYyOTcxNjUwOC4xLjEuMTYyOTcxNzg0NC4w*_ga_5W8PXYYGBX*MTYyOTcxNjUwOC4xLjEuMTYyOTcxNzg0NC4w&_ga=2.189421995.1633501561.1629716508-2098236937.1629716508

Achieve! Minneapolis – FY 2019 990: