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Reading assignment

Welcome to Unit III – Qualitative and Quantitative

Welcome to Unit III – Qualitative and Quantitative

Quantitative and Qualitative Research go hand in hand. Quantitative is not best as it does not explain certain items or issues. Also, words must be so precise that folks may give answers based on the definitiveness of how they interpret a word when indeed that is not what they think.

Thinking about New Coke, again, the researchers noted it was preferred in all the quantitative studies by enormous margins! Yet, when launched it failed miserably. The researchers misinterpreted the results based on the questions they asked and one question that was not asked, will you buy it over the old version. The resounding answer worldwide was NO.

Also, think about all the quantitative studies and numbers that get boiled down to whether a product is launched. Yet, according to the Small Business Administration, 95% of all new products launched fail within 12 months; 99% fail within 24 months. Even those that succeed, often have problems. Recalls indicate problems. Look up all the child car seat recalls, the furniture recalls, the toy recalls, food recalls, and drug recalls. And, think about all the drug lawsuits because the quantitative research did not demonstrate the anomalies that cause cancer, other diseases, and deaths. For example, in September of 2019, Zantac and other Ranitidine products were pulled from store shelves because two ingredients when combined cause cancer! You can read about the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcements here And, you can read, Harvard Medical School’s review here

It is imperative to understand all research has a hypothesis. That means qualitative research has a hypothesis! Now that you have some basic information, look up

NIEHS Institutional Review Board


This week you will:

  1. Compare and contrast the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

3.1 Explain why a quantitative study is superior to a qualitative study for the Sun Coast Consulting project.

  1. Evaluate different types of research methods.

4.1 Develop the research design for the Sun Coast Consulting project.

4.2 Evaluate appropriate research methods to answer business problems.


To accomplish 3.1 you will:

Unit Lesson

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Article: “The Place of Quantitative Methods in a Management Curriculum”

Article: “Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research Methods—Two Approaches to Organisation Studies” Unit III Scholarly Activity


To accomplish 4.1 you will:

Unit Lesson

Video: Research Design

Unit III Scholarly Activity


To accomplish 4.2 you will:

Unit Lesson

Unit III Scholarly Activity


Your Reading Assignments Include:


Chapter 8: Quantitative Methods

Chapter 9: Qualitative Methods, pp. 179–188


In order to access the following resource, go to the Unit III Guide:


Bagchi, A. (2005). The place of quantitative methods in a management curriculum. Decision, 32(2), 107–111. Retrieved from t=true&db=bth&AN=19511433&site=ehost-live&scope=site


RanYwayZ. (2016, September 20). Research design [Video file]. Retrieved from Click here for a transcript of the video.


Lee, J. S. K. (1992). Quantitative versus qualitative research methods: Two approaches to organisation studies. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 9(1), 87-94. Retrieved from t=true&db=bth&AN=16852430&site=ehost-live&scope=site



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HINT: Sage Publications has some great materials on Quantitative and Qualitative research!