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Reader’s Report

A reader’s report provides a clear, indepth description of an academic article and closely analyses the argument made by the original author. It identifies, describes and discusses the meaning and purpose of the article. In your reader’s report, use the following questions as a guide to help structure your report:

1. Identify the argument, the theory or methodology employed by the author, and the purpose of the examples used.

2.Describe the form of the essay, comment on the structure in terms of the argument and analysis. How does the structure develop across the essay to justify the argument?

3. What is the impact of the argument in relation to the wider field of media studies? It is likely it will be necessary to research related articles/books to your chosen essay; however these should assist your analysis of the primary text.

The Reader’s Report will be assessed according to:

*the quality of the writing – particularly the focus, clarity, coherence, precision

*the clarity of the argument – its development throughout the essay

*the ability to define and analyse the theory/theories used and the discussion of the author’s argument in relation to media studies in general.

Other important points to consider:

By nature, the Reader’s Report should be descriptive, concise, and clear; your aim should be to describe the argument and show indepth understanding. (n.b.: Your task is not to recommend it for publication, to say whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or to argue against the author’s main claims. The point is to analyse the argument on its own terms)

Consider whether this is a major article/essay that is central to media studies, and examine how it fits in relation to the field in detail. How does it work (structurally, rhetorically, argumentatively) to develop such a compelling case? What previous gap has it filled?

Or: is this a minor article/essay that addresses a gap/problem in the field of media studies? Why is it important and how does the argument fit within the field?

An example of how you might want to structure your Reader’s Report:

Part One = 800 words describing the argument, structure, and theory employed in the article (think of this as a kind of mini-close reading of the whole article)

Part Two = 1200 words describing the argument, theory/theories, and overall position developed by the article in relation to the wider field (think of this a slightly more developed discussion that places the article within the context of the broader field of media studies)

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