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Raise a significant issue and discuss its significance in the period covered in MMW

Raise a significant issue and discuss its significance
Establish the project’s historical and geographical context
Propose an appropriate, level 3, working research question about the issue, referring to
people or phenomena in the period covered in MMW 13 (1200-1750 CE)
Propose your working answer to the question—your working thesis
Explain the connection between the question and the thesis
Show how you plan to support the thesis, providing enough evidence and explanation to
show the value and validity of the project and how the evidence supports the thesis
Raise potential counterarguments, summarizing the evidence for them, and proposing
your rebuttal
Provide factually and culturally accurate information
Draw on a variety of scholarly sources, including a peer-reviewed journal article
Properly cite sources for all information, ideas, and words that came from any source,
and list all works cited in MLA format
11. Provide photocopies of all cited sources, correctly highlighted and labeled, paper clipped
together, and presented in the order of the Works Cited
Write in stylistically effective and grammatically and mechanically correct prose
Adhere to “MMW Guidelines for Papers” and the writing assignment guidelines
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application/pdf icongradingrubricforassignment1sp16.pdf
application/pdf iconprospectusworkshopquestionsforstudentssp161.pdf

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