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Where will you keep track of information and data you collect throughout the injury?

Data collection and protection is important in any research process. The information collected during the inquiry will be recorded in a technological portable device that can easily be updated. Since such data storage media are susceptible to loss or damage, a back-up storage system will also be used in storage of the information so that it can be easily tracked

What role does your weekly journaling play in the inquiry project?

Journal entries act as a reflective tool to every individual. It details the accounts or event as witnessed by the researcher during the site visits for the five days of the week. The journal entry will enable me reflect on all activities that were undertaken during the week. Besides enhancing my reflective skills, the journal entries support the memorization of the contents such that you can recall most of the things discovered within the week,

What resource will you draw to conduct the Inquiry?

The resources needed for the inquiry are books and peer reviewed articles. These documents are needed to draw information needed to respond to the research questions. Besides the peer reviewed articles and the books, annual reports corporate social responsibility reports amongst others also forms the major sources for the inquiry. Monetary resources will also be needed to pay for source or scholarly materials that are not readily available online.

Where will your motivation come from to conduct the inquiry?

The desire to complete the inquiry and obtain data and information that will respond to research questions. Also, the need to solve the sustainability related problems and issues to ensure there is maximum conservation of the environment also motivated me to undertake the inquiry project.  

If you lose motivation or become overwhelmed with other commitments, what strategies will you use to get yourself back on track?

Convince myself that I have to complete the project

I can also divide the tasks into smaller parts such that handling a single part does not prove hectic

I can also associate with other students who are carrying out research on different topics to be more focused on completing the work.

What challenges do you anticipate you will run into as you conduct the inquiry?

Inaccessibility of the secondary sources of data or other reports needed to obtain the relevant information.

How might you work to overcome them or change their significance?

I will look for access to as many databases as possible to ensure I am able to collect a wide range of information. I will also engage different organizations in the study to get the sustainability reports needed

What parts are you most excited about, and can your inquiry be more about them?

 Sustainability focuses on the conservation of the environment in a way that the natural resources are made available in the current time without compromising the possibility of the future generation to have access to the same kinds of resources. I am more interested on corporate social responsibility where companies are involved in the discussions that focus on controlling their activities to promote environmental sustainability. My inquiry will thus be on the issues of CSR and the extent of company involvement in the activities. The role of CSR in achieving sustainability will also be explored.

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