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Quantitative research analysis

This is a 1500 words paper on quantitative analysis. You are required to investigate and carry out a quantitative study. you will access data from the National survey for Wales 2017-2018 to investigate a range of factors that may be associated with self-reported well-being. Your investigation aims to answer the following research questions

Using existing data from a sample survey respondents in Wales to what extent are job satisfaction healthy lifestyle behaviors and material deprivation associated with overall satisfaction with life

You will need to

Evaluate the sampling and interview methods used to conduct the survey and obtain the case study data

Use the dataset provided to analyze the association between the dependent variable (well-being, overall satisfaction with life) and each of the explanatory variablr (job satisfaction, healthy lifestyle behaviors, material deprivation)

Draw an appropriate conclusion based on your interpretation of the statistical analysis

Please ensure the lecturers note is followed using SPSS


Does self-affirmation promote sleep hygiene in University

Use self-affirmation in combination with a health message about the sleep hygiene and you are exploring the effects of this on both cognition and behavior.

You are required to submit a research report in the form of a journal article.

  1. You should choose a suitable journal in consultation with your supervisor and write your research report according to the chosen journals conventions for a research paper (not a brief report). As a rough guide this is normally between 5,000-8,000 words. You should not choose a journal with a word allowance less than 5000 words.  These details should be available on the journal’s ‘instructions for authors’.  Please state the journal that you have chosen and submit a copy of (or link to) the instructions for authors that you have followed.
  2. You may also submit appendices to your journal article if you wish to. These might include analysis that you do not have room to present in your journal article or (complete) measures that you use, but please be selective