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PZT actuator

To create 3D double cantilever beam model of following dimensions:

DCB specimen is actually of Unidirectional Carbon fiber
Length= 215.9 mm
Width= 38.1mm
Thickness= 5 mm
Pre-crack= 38.1 mm from the left end (loading point)
Cohesive= very small thickness
PZT actuator on the top surface
PZT sensor on the bottom surface

Need to simulate
1) mode-I fatigue crack growth behavior (for Load at the left end= 100N)
2) Provide some sine wave signal at the PZT actuator and should be able to receive that sine wave signal at the PZT sensor

You need to use following parameters:
(Note: For PZT material properties you can use any standard PZT properties available online)
Material behavior:
1) For Beam material:

2) For cohesive material: