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Public Speaking

Public Speaking
Paper details:

a research paper on a US major public speech. This essay cannot be about a reenactment of a speech, such as by an actor in a movie, or a speech by a fictional character. It is to be your persuasive analysis of the speech, following an analytical topic you choose (see below), and using a variety of different sources, including, if you wish, books, periodicals, references, online, video, and/or interviews. The analysis must be your opinion. You may not use any speech we go over in class or one listed for the Reading Assessment (see Syllabus) as an example.

In explaining your analysis, you must use the steps of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence:

1: Attention 2: Need 3: Satisfaction 4: Visualization 5: Action

A recording of the speech must be easily available for viewing, such as through an authoritative web site (such as the C-SPAN channel available on Blackboard) or the RMU library’s collection. You must cite it, such as the complete Internet address. The Speech itself may/should be used as a reference source. So you can use a printed transcript.
We have studied a few sample speeches, such as “The Gettysburg Address” and the “Boys of Point-du-Hoc” in class as preparation for your independent analysis, research and argumentation of your Claims and Support.

Here are some of the topics that you may choose:

Context of the Speech When and/or Where it Was Given

The Tactics and Strategy of the Speech’s Rhetoric

The Speaker and How Their Beliefs are Shown in the Speech

How the Speech Can Have a Different Meaning to Today’s Audience

The Relationship between The Speaker and the Audience/Situation

This must be documented in APA format. Use the Writing Matters handbook (Chapter 19) or the Purdue Owl (linked to our Blackboard page) for examples and explanations. It will be a 5-7 page essay (can be more) with a minimum of six sources, of which at least two are scholarly sources and at least two are print sources (remember to look at the Glossary for definitions of sources).

You also need to include an Abstract, maximum of 250 words.

Be sure to also put a draft of the essay through for a review (see the link on Blackboard) prior to the Due Date. Print out a hard copy of the full Originality Report and attach it to the completed essay.

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