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Public Policy Issue

Instructions: you will create a public policy chart describing the public policy issue that you will address with the
departmental policy recommendations for your final project. A visual chart is a useful way to deliver a good deal of information about a public policy to one’s
colleagues in a criminal justice department. With the chart, one can see at a glance the policy described in broad terms, including the history of the policy in the
department, any key trends associated with the policy, why a change to a departmental policy is called for, and how one might address any potential negative
consequences that may be associated with changing the policy.

Prompt: In your public policy chart, examine the following by creating a table with five columns:
1. The first column should describe, in broad terms, the public policy issue (e.g., domestic violence) you selected in Milestone One, which you will address
with your departmental policy recommendations for your final project.
2. The second column should describe how this issue has been addressed, historically, by your criminal justice department.
3. The third column should identify key trends throughout the history of the policy issue that have shaped the development and implementation of public
policies addressing the issue.
4. The fourth column should explain why a change is called for in the departmental policy (media outcry, legal decisions, public perception, interest groups,
5. The fifth column should address the potential negative collateral consequences of the changes proposed. How can these potential negative collateral
consequences help you predict the future direction of public policies to address the issue?