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You will write a 500-word public interest piece related to 1 day, person, action, or issue involving the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 (Assignment I) and the U.S. Congress during the 1790s (Assignment II). You will use primary source documents founds on 2 majors website as a resource for the 2 assignments.

The purpose of the assignment is to practice relating the significance of historical figures and events from the Philadelphia Convention of Congress during the 1790s to present-day issues.

You must: a) identify the key person, event, idea, action, etc. from the Convention; b) provide a brief historical narrative of the identified material;

c) explain the significance of said material; and

d) connect its significance to a present-day issue.

All primary and scholarly information must be cited using current Turabian footnotes and a bibliography. The footnotes and the bibliography are not included in the 500-word requirement.
Assignment I Philadelphia Convention (Teaching American History)
Special attention for this assignment should be given to James Madison’s Notes on the Convention and other primary documents and scholarship found on the website, Upon reaching the site, choose The Constitutional Convention from the Teacher Resources pull-down menu. There, you will find an abundance of resources. The most important is likely the “Convention” tab, which includes Prof. Gordon Lloyd’s depiction of the Convention as a “Four Act Drama,” a day-by-day summary of the actions of the Convention, and Madison’s Notes.
Identify a key person, event, idea, action, day, or other important aspect of the Convention, then write the 500-word analysis as if it serves as a public interest piece that might appear on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other learned venue. You are free to choose whatever topic they like after exploring the various resources noted above. The assignment must meet the goals (a–d above), be well-written, and follow current Turabian formatting and citations.
Note that citing this material can be a little tricky. Unlike other courses where you are requested to cite material as it is printed (and thus omit long URLs), much of this material only exists on this website. For this reason, you must use the following suggested citations, keeping in mind that footnote format and bibliographic format differ.
(These citations are for footnotes and must be appropriately changed for bibliographies)
“Day-by-Day Summary of the Convention,” (Accessed July 15, 2019).
“Elbridge Gerry,” (Accessed July 16, 2019).
James Madison, Notes, 14 June 1787, (Accessed July 13, 2019).
Gordon Lloyd, “The Constitutional Convention as a Four-act Play,” James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation video, 21:37 (date unknown),

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