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Proteases vs Lipases:

Gelling saliva vs Watery saliva:

Answer each question below: (Provide your answers for each question below in two – three paragraphs; i.e., one page or less for each question).

1. A plant defense compound was incorporated into an insect artificial diet at the same concentration as it was in the intact plant. At the end of two days, all the insects on this diet were dead, but all of the insects that had been placed on the control diet, without the compound, were alive. And, in a separate experiment, it was found that when the insects were held with no access to any food source, half of them had died from starvation by day five, and all had died by day seven. Could you conclude that this compound be called as a toxin? Why or why not? (10 points)

2. Explain the Zig-Zag model of plant immunity to herbivores? (10 points)

3. What are plant secondary metabolites? Explain their role in plant defense mechanisms. (4 points)

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