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Psychotherapy session

During your practicum, you sit in on a therapy session with your preceptor, Chris, and Jasmine Lorry (Links to an external site.), a transwoman who is seeking treatment for depression, posttraumatic stress disorder from a sexual assault, and possible exposure to HIV. Chris mentioned earlier that he is the only psychiatrist in the area who takes Jasmine’s insurance. (Jasmine Lorry transcript (Links to an external site.))

Address two of the following questions in your first discussion post.

In what ways was Chris (your preceptor) insensitive to Jasmine? How could you approach Chris about his lack of cultural competence?
What are culturally appropriate ways to talk with a transgender patient to show empathy and build trust?
What ways could you suggest Chris build cultural competence? Share at least two resources from your community. Include links if possible.
How could you repair this therapeutic relationship? How would you explain to Jasmine why the situation occurred? What type of countertransference issues might you have about Chris as your preceptor?