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Psychosocial assessment

Complete the psychosocial assessment utilizing the provided vignette as the Social Worker assessing your Student. Please expand upon it, take nothing away, and create an eco-map (identify the various systems and the relationship dynamics with the client system). A link to the free Ecomaps template,

Psychosocial-Psychoeducational Assessment: Evaluation and assessment of student needs is an integral part of School Social Work. This requires competency in providing a written document that clearly assesses and evaluates student needs. This assessment requires skills in evaluation of student needs and strengths, as well as gathering a social/developmental/educational history. A format for this process will be provided by the instructor (attached) and the students will be responsible for completing a fictional case-study and submitting a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment that includes recommendations for addressing and meeting student needs. This assessment should include the following: tests administered (hypothetically what would you use as an assessment tool), strengths, needs, educational needs, psychosocial needs, and recommendations.
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