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Psychology Research Paper

Research Topic List

Choose one of the following topics to complete your Week Four Psychology Research Paper.


Topic 1: The use of psychological principles in the workplace
Include the following:
• Which psychological principles are often used?
• How are these psychological principles used?
• Which psychological principles used are the most effective?

Topic 2: The benefits of understanding developmental psychology
Include the following:
• What is developmental psychology?
• How is developmental psychology applicable in life?
• Why can understanding developmental psychology be beneficial?

Topic 3: Considerations when conducting psychological research
Include the following:
• What are the main important considerations when conducting psychological research?
• Why are these considerations important?
• What could potentially happen if these considerations were ignored?

Topic 4: The different methods of intelligence testing
Include the following:
• What are three methods of intelligence testing?
• How are these methods used?
• How do these methods differ?

Topic 5: Methods for modifying behavior in children
Include the following:
• What are three methods for modifying behavior in children?
• How are these methods used?
• Which method is most effective?

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