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PSYCHOLOGY 2103; Observation Report

Complete a childhood (between 2-9 years of age) observation report in which physical and social behavior is evaluated within the context of developmental norms.
A minimum of three physical behaviors and three social behaviors must be observed and evaluated.
When observing a child, you are required to do so in a public area (playground, mall, library, etc.) and should not draw attention to yourself so the child is aware he or she is being observed. Please get parental permission for our observation. If you need guidance in locating a child to observe, please contact your Instructor immediately.
In addition to the observation, students must evaluate the child’s behavior compared to what is typical of a child of that age. For physical observations, students should evaluate the child according to developmental norms. For cognitive/social behavior, students should evaluate the child using at least two theories discussed in class. These theories can include Piaget’s theory, attachment theory, Erikson’s theory, etc.

The observation report must be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced with one inch margins. The observation report must be a minimum of three pages and grammatically correct.
Examples of physical behavior can include: Approximate height/weight, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, play activities, feeding behavior
Examples of social behavior can include: Expression of emotion, language, relationship with other children, relationship with caregivers